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The United States Patent and Trademark Office granted over 170,000 patents last year and registered or renewed over 120,000 trademarks. Someone receives a patent grant every 3 minutes or registers a trademark every 5 minutes. Visit www.uspto.gov, or click on our Patent Solutions link for more info!

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According to www.internetworldstats.com an estimated 1,244,449,601 individuals accessed the internet this year. Why not have your company's information at the fingertips of over one billion people? Take a look on our advertising link to see how you can be a part of the largest market in the world!




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About Us

3dRAM.com is an exciting new website dedicated to being "The multimedia solution to your advertising / marketing needs...

We are your single-source provider of 2D and 3D content to help you showcase your products, business or organization. Through powerful designs and innovative presentations, we can help you gain a valuable advantage over your competition.



We are your one-stop shop if:

        You need a presentation drawing.
        You need a brochure.
        You need 2D art.
        You need a web page
        You need a patent drawing
        You need 3D art.
        You need multimedia
        You need E Marketing
        You need product development
        You need Automation consulting.
        You need a concept drawing.
        You need an advertisement layout.








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