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About Us

3dRAM.com is an exciting new website dedicated to being "The multimedia solution to your advertising / marketing needs...


Clients or customers having a hard time visualizing your product or idea?

Don't make them imagine any longer! We can customize a 3d Model for digital still images or movies to help showcase your product. Have an advertising company you already work with? That's fine! Need us to create an ad and make 3d Models for it? That's fine! We can create renders for other companies, or in-house projects. Click here to contact us.





3DRAM's will create 3d Models for you to use in:



Promotional CDs,





A new design for a children's walker.

For a simple movie of how this walker works, click here.

(note: this file requires the divx codec, click here to download for free.)



A sample showing the original photo that was used for reference, and drawings that were produced from it.



A sample render of ITT Newburgh Campus. This is not to scale, just to show different types of drawings we can do.



A model of a popular brand of rifle.


A disassembled and completed model of a dragster trigger.


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