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The United States Patent and Trademark Office granted over 170,000 patents last year and registered or renewed over 120,000 trademarks. Someone receives a patent grant every 3 minutes or registers a trademark every 5 minutes. Visit www.uspto.gov, or click on our Patent Solutions link for more info!



Affordable, Full Websites

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About Us

3dRAM.com is an exciting new website dedicated to being "The multimedia solution to your advertising / marketing needs...

3d RAM is now offering affordable websites that almost anyone can afford.
Take advantage of a marketplace that spans the globe. By advertising your products or services on the internet, you are no longer bound to your city, town, state or country. You are not confined to local market trends or condition.


By utilizing website templates and the hands-on assistance of the customer, we save precious time that would otherwise costs you thousands of dollars. Click here to contact us.



Website Design Process

First, the customer should find a reliable web hosting company. This will allow you to have a website on the Internet without it being ran from your computer and allows you to choose your website's name. It also makes your personal/business information more secure, and doesn't slow down/freeze your computer every time someone accesses your site. (It would be like every customer you had using your PC. not very safe or efficient) The web hosting company will charge a monthly fee. Most charge between $4-7 per month (a cheap expense to make your product accessible to the whole world). We strongly recommend signing up with www.Hostmonster.com, as they are a friendly, reputable company that we use for our own website.

Second, we find a website template that suits your needs. This can either be done by finding a free template or by purchasing a template from a reliable company. This saves many hours of template layout that you would otherwise pay for.
A link for free web templates: http://www.freelayouts.com/websites/html-templates

A link for high-quality broadband only web templates: http://www.i3dthemes.com/frontpage-templates/pcn/all-website-templates/

Third, we customize the website template with personalized text and images to create a site uniquely your own. We now collect as much information about your products, services and business. We take the information (text and images) and place them on the website in an organized, professional manner. The more complete information you provide, the less we have to format, saving you money.




When it comes to website designers and other tech services, many people charge $100 per hour. We will charge you significantly less than that! Contact us to receive a quote.

Being on the safe side: for a multiple page site, expect $500 - $700 for a moderately customized site (not including the cost of your hosting service.)
But, to make a proper estimation on how much your site will cost, we first need to know the information you want on the site, and (at least in the early stages) how many/what products you plan on making/selling in the future. This will help us plan your site's layout and leave space for future expansion. Contact us to receive a quote.


We must ask that you mail a certified check of $300. This is a retaining fee to ensure proper business/customer relations. If the number of hours exceeds the cost of the initial $300 payment (at a rate stated in your quote), then we will bill you for the remainder of the cost. If the total cost is lower than the $300 retaining fee (due to your site being simpler to create than expected, or any other factor that speeds up the process of making the website,) we will mail back to you whatever remaining monetary amount exceeds the actual cost, or we can credit your account for any future changes that need made.

If you owe any money on top of the $300 retaining fee, we will allow four weeks for payment.
If four weeks have past, and the final payment has not yet been made, we will temporarily remove your website from the Internet until the final payment has been received. Once the final payment has been resolved, we will place your website back on the Internet (if it was removed.)

Please do not let the retaining fee worry or offend you. This is a standard procedure.
Before charging retaining fees, we have put dozens of hours into projects and either not gotten paid or had to wait many months for payment.
Click here to contact us.