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The United States Patent and Trademark Office granted over 170,000 patents last year and registered or renewed over 120,000 trademarks. Someone receives a patent grant every 3 minutes or registers a trademark every 5 minutes. Visit www.uspto.gov, or click on our Patent Solutions link for more info!



What is 3dram

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About Us

3dRAM.com is an exciting new website dedicated to being "The multimedia solution to your advertising / marketing needs...


        3DRAM is an Internet multimedia business formed as a joint partnership owned and operated by Zach Straw and Jim Straw.


Executive Summary

  • 3DRAM’s objectives are to have fun while producing multimedia art, generate a profit, grow at a challenging and manageable rate, while being good citizen.
  • 3DRAM’s mission is to provide 3D art, presentation drawings, brochures, 2D art, web pages, patent drawings, automation consulting, concept drawings, technical drawings, and advertisement layouts.
  • 3DRAM’s keys to success are E-Marketing, generating sales, responsiveness, quality, and maintaining repeat customers through trust and service .

Who is 3dram

Jim Straw

Jim Straw has created patent drawings for over 25 years. His first patent drawings were in 1982 for the late Warren Flackbert, an intellectual property layer. Jim first started drawing and painting as a child. He has created works of art in acrylic, oil and pastel, as well as illustrations for the machine and tooling industry. He created Jim Straw Studios in 1982 to sell works of art and the many hundreds of patent drawings. He still operates this business through his home office.

Jim enjoys spending time with family and his grand child along with hobbies like boating, gardening, and motorcycle riding.

Jim has concepted, estimated and designed machine tools and automation for over 25 years. He has been a part of the machine tooling industry in Evansville, Indiana that has placed machines and tooling in 8 countries and for over 100 companies. Some included are: Ford Motor Company 7 plants, Visteon, General Motors, Delco Remy, Delco Electronics, Delphi, General Electric, Western Electric, John Deer, Dana, Saturn Electronics, Indianapolis Castings, Meritor Suspension Systems, Toyota Indiana, Toyoda Gosei, Futaba Indiana, Toyota Tetsu Mid America, Toyota Tsusho America, Cummings/Komatsu Engine Co., Osram/Valio Sylvania, Robert Bosh, Maremont, General Tire, Caterpillar, Harley Davidson, North American Lighting, Kimball, Kodak, Raybestos, Ventra Plastics, and Guardian plus many more.

Jim will be pleased to create mechanical drawings, patent drawings, illustrations or artwork to your specifications. Feel fee to contact him for an estimate or automation and machine tooling concepts. Jim can be contacted at 812-838-0245 or at jim.straw@3dram.


Zach Straw
Zach Straw has created artwork in digital media for nine years and has assisted Jim Straw since childhood in creating mechanical drawings and patent drawings. Zach has training in Microsoft FrontPage (for web design), and Autodesk 3ds Max (for 3-D art). Zach is also fluent in Adobe Photoshop and Indesign software, used for modifying photos and creating advertisement layouts. He has created weekly layouts, advertisements, and online editions for The Posey County News, and created prototypes for other newspapers. He has had photography printed in newspapers and placed in art shows.

Zach enjoys spending time with family and friends along with hobbies like photography, art and boating.

Zach has completed works of art and patent drawings for Jim Straw Studios, Stellar technologies, The Posey County News, and various businesses throughout the Southern Indiana region. He has worked with Jim Straw Studio for over a year, merging 3d techniques with the demanding 2d requirements of the United States Patent and Trademark office.

Zach will be pleased to retouch photos, create Web pages, 3d models, mechanical drawings, patent drawings, illustrations or artwork to your specifications. Feel fee to contact him for an estimate at 812-838-0245 or at zach.straw@3dram.com