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Patent Drawing Process

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Although patent drawings have gone digital, successful patent drawings still require (3) skills, Artist Rendering, Mechanical Drafting skill and knowledge of US Patent Office Drafting Standards.


3DRAM's standard process of creating "patent drawings" of objects include:
Step 1 - Creating a digital solid model of the item.
Step 2 - Writing out or creating digital renders or views of the solid model in jpg or pdf format for inspection and accuracy.
Step 3 - Creating or writing out line renders (line drawings) in pdf or jpg format from the solid model.
Step 4 - Adding mechanical shading to the line drawings and in some cases adding the description numbers.
Step 5 - Finalizing by writing them out as a pdf or jpg for printing.
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Because 99% and possibly 100% of "patent drawings" require multiple changes, the process listed above is faster and thus more economical than the previous methods of drawing them by hand on a drafting table or on computer with a 2D drafting package. Also to be considered, since photos, digital solid model, line art, pdf and jpg are already created, these may be used for brochures, assembly instructions, advertisements and movies.

Visual Process

Pictures are taken of the item for reference purposes.



Next, a three-dimensional model is made.



The model is used to create a two-dimensional, "shaded and labeled" patent drawings.



Using the three-dimensional model, we can now make sample images or video to help promote your product.

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Patent Drawing Samples